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About Us

La Blanche Resort

A PUBLIC COMMITMENT La Blanche Resort recognise the responsibility to develop and operate in a manner that makes a positive contribution to the natural, social and cultural environment.

We also recognise and accept our responsibility to operate in ways that reduce environmental impacts, benefit host communities, safeguard the future livelihood of local people, and ensure the protection of destinations for future generations. To fulfil this responsibility, we have joined together to work in close partnership with different organizations and travel agencies. In doing so, we commit in this Initiative to:

Bu sorumluluğu yerine getirmek için de, farklı organizasyonlar, kurumlar ve seyahat acenteleri ile yakın işbirliği içinde çalışmak üzere bir araya geldik. Böyle yapmakla,

• Protect the natural environment and cultural heritage;

• Co-operate with local communities and people, ensure they benefit from the visits of our customers and encourage our customers to respect the local way of life;

• Conserve plants and animals, protected areas and landscapes;

• Respect the integrity of local cultures and their social institutions;

• Oppose and actively discourage illegal, abusive or exploitative forms of tourism

We also acknowledge that we cannot achieve our goal of sustainable tourism development without the help of all stakeholders, including our guests, and we hope that, together, we can create a better tourism experience for all.

Dear Guests, if you are interested in taking part in our enviromental,social and community work please address you to our Guest Relations Department for getting detailed information.

LA BLANCHE RESORT Guest Relations Department