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• All children, whatever their age, gender, language, religious beliefs, ethnic origin have the right to protection from any abuse. • All children should be treated equally with respect and dignity.

• Do not allow any commercial sexual exploitation of children and adolescents in our facilities.

• Sensitize staff about the problem ; laws and risk.

• Staff working with children should be an excellent role model, this includes not smoking or drinking alcohol in a company of young people.

• Staff working with children should be vetted before being allowed to work with children.

• All staff working must recognise their responsibilities and report any concerns about suspected poor practice and abuse.

• Train all staff to denounce and identify suspicious activity.

• Work in compliance with applicable laws and works with government and non-governmental organizations pursuing these crimes and prevention work . Practices to be avoided:

• It is not allowed to engage children(young people) in physical or sexually provocative games.

• It is not allowed to make sexually suggestive comments to a young person, even in fun.

• It is not allowed to film or make photo of children without parental consent.

All members and staff working in the hotel have a responsibility to report if they suspect any fact of poor practice have been recorded in the hotel; out of the hotel.

• They should seek immediate superior, and provide detailed information heard or seen.

• The superior will then decide the next steps , which may be : a) inform their superior b) inform the authorities . As humans, we are committed to protecting our children and adolescents from all forms of exploitation either professionally and in person.