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About Us



• To ensure continuity in purchasing with working minimum number of outsourcing firms, to ensure rapidity of supply via information exchange with other firms,

• Where necessary, the rapid response and competitive conditions in our favor when purchasing, to choose aggregate connections. With that, reaching right price, finding the standard quality, gaining without price increases and make moves without any damages,

• Seeing the opportunities in determining the acquisition strategy, minimizing the risks, reducing the weaknesses, achieving the strengths and maintaining them,

• In addition, when buying preferred products, select a close distance warehouses or producers for reducing the carbon emissions and develop awareness and inform about "Environmental Protection and Sensibility"

• To provide products and services from local suppliers as far as possible

• To Meet the changing and evolving expectations of our customers, to apply modern, contemporary and legal, transparent and traceable purchasing techniques, to provide mutual maximum benefits to our company, our suppliers and our guests.


Our enterprise plans and performs all its activities within the framework of , protecting and keeping the environment constantly unpolluted , reducing the consumption of harmful substances which effect the energy , water and the environmental pollution , increasing the energy productivity , encouraging the recyclable energy sources principle and targets to resume these missions by improving constantly.

It exerts the effort to ensure the sustainable environmental sensitivity within the enterprise.

Our enterprise completely provides all the legal terms and commitments to comply with the relevant issues , and constantly conducts effort to fulfil its aim of being the leading example organization in the Tourism Sector which adds an extra value to the region.

We promote the environmental awareness and improvement in society by participating in the various Projects on volunteering basis.

It performs activities and beautifying events for the environment. It provides training seminars to its employees for gaining success in contributing to the environmental issues and targets to prevent environmental pollution and wasting resources by informing the guests with various relevant issues and matters.

All these work are resumed in close collaboration with the relevant institutions and organizations.

It chooses and sellects the suppliers from within the organizations which operate with the same consciousness and purpose.


Ece Yapı Company’s power comes from their precious employees.

Our employees adapted to team work, reliable to the company, searching ways to increase the performance, following up innovations, creative,productive and always focus on guest satisfaction.

We systematize human resources programs, reward system and create a better work environment; loyalty and commitment of our employees to develop team work and individual performance is to remove the top level.

La Blanche Resort & Spa is an employer which is offering an equal opportunity.